AMV3000 Unit and Printer


A robust unit with airborne and line HF protection capable of monitoring both DC and AC welding parameters.


Product Description

Each AMV 3000P comes with:

  • Voltage leads
  • Current clamp
  • Printer mounting plate

The unit is capable of monitoring voltage, current and wire feed speed or temperature.

Arc Current

Monitored using a Hall Effect probe. It is possible to monitor both DC and AC current waveforms. The average value is calculated from the mean (rectified) value.

Arc Voltage

The arc voltage should be measured as close as possible to the arc. If this is not done the voltage drop across the welding leads will be recorded as well as that across the arc. However, it is standard practice to measure the arc voltage at the wire feed unit for MIG welding.

Wire Feed

The wire feed speed is recorded as the average value. A tachometer is mounted directly on the wire.


Monitored using a k series thermocouple. This is an option and can replace the wire feed channel.

Calculated Values

The following values are automatically calculated and presented in the weld summary:

  • Average welding parameters (I,V,WFS)
  • Heat input (no process efficiencies)

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 43 x 18 cm