Monitoring Job Knowledge

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If you are looking for a perspective on how and why to use a welding monitor please have a look at this Job Knowledge article published by the TWI:

The Old And The New

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Two original Triton AMV Weldchecks, an AMV2500, and the blog image2latest AMV3500 team up to monitor welding procedures in Norwich. As an old gas pipeline is moved, new gas pipe is welded into the old line. As the original pipe was laid in the 1967, the metallurgy is quite different to the new pipe used for the diversion. This means the procedure requires good heat input control and preheat monitoring.

AMV3500 – Advanced Temperature Measurement

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ATM-2With an external Pico temperature box the AMV3500 can continuously monitor multiple temperature channels simultaneously with the arc welding data.

The TC-08 ( is plugged into the AMV3500 USB port and the AMV3500 set to monitor temperature. There are 6 channels available on the TC-08; so measurements can be taken from the weld line HAZ and parent material at different locations during the weld.

ATM-1From this data accurate temperature distributions and cooling rates are determined. Helping to ensure the correct mechanical and corrosion resistant properties are achieved.

AMV 5000

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AMV 5000

The AMV5000 can now be used as an online quality assurance tool

A UK division of a multinational company, providing sensor and measurement systems for metal processing industries, uses our AMV5000 welding monitor.

The AMV5000 is linked to two semi-automatic welding machines to measure the current voltage, wire feed speed and gas feed rate in real time. It is constantly monitoring the performance of the welding machines to ensure the process stays within the set parameters.